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  advanced high speed assembly and punching machineries!



ADD:Datang Town Zhuji City Zhejiang Province Industrial Zone,China
TEL:0575-87746088 87755288
Fax:0575-87746098 87738876

  Haina Special Steel Company is located in the Datang Town lndustrial Zone of Zhuji city,Zhengjiang province.Zhuji is a beautiful city and famous for being the hometown of the legendary beauty Xishi.Established in the year 2001,Haina now has registered capital of RMB50.88 Million, and the total assets of over RMB 100 million.The company has a staff of more than 150 persons,among whom 15 persons are senior engineers,economists and professors,and 18 of them are with medium-grade professional titles.

  The company is dedicated to spring wire new product development, research of new technology and production of products in large scales. Haina strives to build a spring wire supermarket. By constant learning and innovation. Haina people have independently researched and developed new technology of classified quench 、eddy current test? on-line and ausform. Right now the company owns 5 production lines for oil tempering of wires and 1 production line for ausform. The company now has become of the largest oil tempered spring wire manufactures in china.In year 2006,the company was recommended as a director of spring association by Chinese spring industry.

   The company keeps on improving its quality management and product quality. In year 2003 ,the company is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management System and in year 2005,the company starts to implement TS16949 Quality System. Another focus of the company is to maintain a sustainable development strategy and push forward sanitary、energy conservation、high-effect production. In the end of 2006,the company bought distance of 200 mus in the QiDong city, being build another subsidiary company-Qidong haina special steel co.,ltd,which is providing a new space for company’s long-term development. The company is determined to constantly improve its management system of a modern enterprise, foster a high-performance team and creat the core competitive edge of an enterprise. By continuous efforts on building a bigger stage, Haina people will project an even higher profile.

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Add::Datang Town Zhuji City Zhejiang Province Industrial Zone
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